Is mainly used for clinical endoscope of stomach, intestines, bladder, bronchial biopsy samples, through pathologic assay provide scientific basis for disease diagnosis, take tissue forceps biopsy forceps enter human body organs, direct contact with blood. According to the regulations of the ministry of health, the biopsy forceps must be aseptic, and the use of biopsy forceps is not guaranteed to be 100% sterilized due to the restriction of cleaning and sterilization technology, and the cross-infection of the disease can be easily caused.

    1. The production of the purification workshop shall be strictly tested to ensure the quality of the products.

    2. Sterile packaging, out-of-the-box, no need to sterilize;

    3. The pliers are flexible with sharp edges, strong bite force and easy sampling.

    4. One person and one clamp, completely eliminate cross infection;

    5. The jaw opening Angle is 87 degrees, which can effectively bite the cutting organization.

    6. Rigid four-bar structure, with good mechanical function to make sampling easier.

    7. Easy through the tong hole, adapt to any curved cavity;

    8. Using laser welding, the link is reliable and beautiful;

    9. Low price, suitable for extensive use.


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Advantages of disposable biopsy forceps.