Disposable Cytology Brush


Intended use:

It is intended to be used for sampling tissues in clinical application.


Disposable Cytology Brush--A Shape.jpg

Disposable Cytology Brush--U Shape.jpg

1)    Innovational brush design, with no risk of drop-off.
2)    Straight-shaped brush: easy to enter the depths of respiratory and digestive tract.
3)    U-Shaped brush: obtain tissues from all direction with a large quantity.
4)    Excellent price-performance-ratio
5)    Ergonomic handle
6)    Good sampling feature and perfect handling
7)    Extensive product range available

Model O.D.(mm) Length(mm) Endoscopic Channel(mm) Shaped
VDK-BC-23-160-B 2.3 1600 ≥ 2.8 U Shape
VDK-BC-23-230-B 2.3 2300 ≥ 2.8 U Shape
VDK-BC-23-160-C 2.3 1600 ≥ 2.8 Straight Shape
VDK-BC-23-180-C 2.3 1800 ≥ 2.8 Straight Shape
VDK-BC-23-230-C 2.3 2300 ≥ 2.8 Straight Shape

Disposable Cytology Brush
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