Intended use:

Stone removal in biliary tract, including biliary sludge and residual gallstone left in biliary tract after Mechanical Lithotripsy.


*Innovational design of three lumens(lumens for guide wire, injection and inflation) makes the insertion and radiography easier and more convenient.
*Three different sizes for each balloon, meets demands of different patients.
*Equipped with Radiopaque marks on both ends of balloon, conventient for locating under X-ray.
*Unique design of tapering catheter, improves the insertion into papilla.

Model catheter O.D. Working length(mm) Balloon O.D.(mm) Guide wire O.D. Endoscopic channel(mm)
VDK-BAL-23-8.5/11.5/15-B 7.5Fr 2000 8.5/11.5/15 0.035" ≥3.2
VDK-BAL-23-9/12/15-B 7.5Fr 2000 9/12/15 0.035" ≥3.2
VDK-BAL-23-11/13/15-B 7.5Fr 2000 11/13/15 0.035" ≥3.2
VDK-BAL-23-10/13/16-B 7.5Fr 2000 10/13/16 0.035" ≥3.2

Disposable Stone Extraction Balloon

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