Disposable Stone Extraction Basket---semi-circle shape


Intended use:

Remove gallstone in biliary duct and foreign bodies in digestive tract。


*Innovational handle design, with functions of push, pull and rotation, easier to grasp gallstone and foreign body.
*Convenient for injection of contrast medium with injection port on handle.
*Made by advanced alloyed material, ensure good shape retention even after difficult stone removal.

Model O.D.(mm) Working length(mm) Basket width(mm) basket type endoscopic channel(mm) basket material
VDK-BAS-18-70-15-N4-C-O 1.8 700 15 semi-circle shape ≥2.0 nitinol
VDK-BAS-18-70-20-N4-C-O 1.8 700 20 semi-circle shape ≥2.0 nitinol
VDK-BAS-23-200-20-N4-C-D 2.3 2000 20 semi-circle shape ≥2.8 nitinol
VDK-BAS-23-200-25-N4-C-D 2.3 2000 25 semi-circle shape ≥2.8 nitinol
VDK-BAS-23-200-30-N4-C-D 2.3 2000 30 semi-circle shape ≥2.8 nitinol

Disposable Stone Extraction Basket
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